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  StarterSSL Enrollment

The new real-time, two-factor Telephony Authentication requires that you have access to a phone in order to submit this order. Part of the authentication process requires that you receive a phone call from our automated Telephony system to any number you specify during this enrollment process. The phone number can be your company phone, or it may be your personal or cell/mobile number. Please do not proceed unless you have access to a phone.

Validity Period

Please select the validity period for your certificate from the list below.

        Initial   Renewal    
  1 Year   $19.00   $19.00    
  2 Years   $33.00   $33.00   Highly Recommended. Our most popular option!
  3 Years   $48.00   $48.00    
  4 Years   $62.00   $62.00    
  5 Years   $76.00   $76.00    


If you have a Freessl.com issued SSL certificate for the same domain that is expiring in the next 90 days or has expired in the past 90 days, you are eligible to take advantage of the renewal price. Additionally, you will receive additional renewal months according to this chart:

Certificate Expires During:       Additional Renewal Months:
- plus or minus 15 days from today               1
- 15 to 45 days                                               2
- 45 to 90 days                                               3

Competitive Replacement

If you have an active certificate issued by Thawte or Comodo you are eligible for a competitive replacement and receive the certificate free of charge. In order to perform this upgrade, we will connect to your server and validate that a current active competitive certificate exists for the same fully qualified domain name that you are ordering. If for some reason we can not properly connect to your current server and validate the certificate, we will allow you to paste the certificate onto the next page.

  Yes, I have a server certificate from a competitor.
  No, I can't take advantage of this offer.

Certificate Reissues

FreeSSL.com offers a self-service certificate reissue/replacement program for the life of a certificate. This enables the free replacement of the certificate for the same domain in the event the certificate or keys are deleted or destroyed.
Yes, I would like to purchase reissue insurance. - $
Click here if you do not want to purchase reissue insurance.

"First-time" Installation Support

FreeSSL.com offers a telephone-supported installation option that is ideal for the first-time SSL user, or any customer facing tight deadlines and requiring live assistance to implement SSL quickly. The installation support option provides up to two hours of step-by-step telephone assistance from the company's expert support staff, assisting with installation of SSL server certificates on supported platforms. The service includes assistance in generating a certificate request; completing the online enrollment forms; and installing the issued certificate. "First-time" Installation Support is available by scheduled appointment, 7am -7pm EST.

Note: Free Email support is provided to all FreeSSL.com customers with the purchase of any certificate.
Yes, I would like to purchase this option. - $
No, I do not wish to purchase installation support.

Server Licenses

You are licensed to use this certificate on one server. If you intend to use this certificate on additional servers, please select the total number of servers below. The price per additional server is the same as the price for the initial certificate. If you need to install this on more than 10 servers, please contact us.

Number of Licensed Servers

Your Email:

Special Instructions

Please provide us any additional information about this order here:


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Ph: 800-615-7534

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